Proven, consistent results…

At gapgnx we consistently provide our clients with high quality leads that match their business requirements.

Targeted campaigns…

We target a range of service requirements and each lead we create is passed straight to the allocated advisor firm.

Lead Volume

We currently generate between 3k to 5k leads per month – with a capacity of around 8k to 10k per month. So we can cope, whatever your requirements are.

Easily £1 Billion FUM

We cannot put an exact figure on the funds under management we have generated, but we would estimate it to be in the region of £1 Billion and climbing.

£250k Average lead investment fund value.

The average lead is worth around £250k in investable assets, however we have leads valued at over £5 Million and some as low as £30k.

Quality Advice

We partner only with qualified, IFA firms and individuals. We look for specialist advice requirements and place only this with our partners.

Quality assured

When we send you a new business lead, it will have the information on that you need. The contact details, the type of enquiry, the estimated value of their assets and if you require – the time they would like to meet have an appointment!!

Leads supplied in the way you want them…

We will send you your leads the way you want them. Not time to qualify your own leads? We have our own in-house team who will work on your behalf and make appointments for you.


Do you want appointments made, with qualified leads that are within your required criteria? We can do that! We have a team of excellent telephone support that will learn about your business, and place appointments directly into your diary through Calendly!


Integrate with your existing CRM or systems, we can inject our leads into your existing system. For our team it is straightforward and we will carry out all the work for you.


You may want a custom solution. By utilising our highly experience skill base we can develop online digital assets that work with your business, dovetailing into your business and bringing real productivity from your advertising spend.


CRM interface

We can provide you with an end to end solution. Full CRM, full re-marketing suite to help your business to grow. Our solution is simple to use but highly innovative to provide you with the latest technology that will enable your business to grow and maximise your in-bound lead supply.

Some of Our Integrations and partners

Are you looking for a more tailored approach?

Talk to us. We have our own in-house team of developers who can create integrations
into almost any system.