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gapgnx helps UK financial advice companies find high quality, profitable, new business without the hassle.

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Only regulated financial advice companies…

We have a subscriber base of well over 50k that is growing every day, and we generate around 3-5k new business enquiries every month. To qualify for these leads your business needs to be a verified and approved IFA with FCA authorisation and the qualifications to match the lead. This way we ensure that, when we pass you a lead, the client has a great experience from end to end.

Live Enquiries…

Each lead we send to you is sent realtime, as it happens. Each person has requested help and is ready to be called back! As the lead occurs, we send it to you and you can then work your magic!

We do not use old data…

Some lead companies work over old data, old spreadsheets and basically ask you to cold call the data. We do not do that! Every one of our new leads that we pass to you, is someone who needs advice, support or guidance with their financial assets.

HNW / Retirement / Inheritance Planning

We have a range of types of leads we can send to you, but we specialise in high net worth, retirement, and inheritance and wealth management.

Later Life Mortgages / Mortgages / Insurance

If you specialise in mortgages or equity release or insurance, we have clients who are looking for help.

Leads supplied in the way you want them…

We will send you your leads the way you want them. Not got time to qualify your own leads? We have our own in-house team who will work on your behalf and make appointments for you.


Do you want appointments made, with qualified leads that are within your required criteria? We can do that! We have a team of excellent telephone support that will learn about your business, and place appointments directly into your own online calendar!


Integrate with our CRM, or, we can inject our leads into your existing system. For our team it is straightforward and we will carry out all the work for you.


You may want a custom solution. By utilising our highly experienced skill base we can develop online digital assets that work with your business, dovetailing into your processes, and bringing real productivity from your advertising spend.

CRM interface

We can provide you with an end to end solution. Full CRM, full re-marketing suite to help your business to grow. Our solution is simple to use but highly innovative to provide you with the latest technology that will enable your business to grow and maximise your in-bound lead supply.

Some of Our Integrations and partners

Are you looking for a more tailored approach?

Talk to us. We have our own in-house team of developers who can create integrations
into almost any system.